Denman Maroney

Saturday, Mar. 12th at 7 PM

Denman Maroney Performs in the Gallery

A closing performance for Anne Lindberg's exhibition, fold and unfold.

Saturday, March 12th at 7 PM

Located in Omi's Visitors Center & Gallery
Free and open to the public!

To conclude Anne Lindberg's exhibition fold and unfold, hyperpianist and Music Omi alumnus Denman Maroney will be performing in the gallery within the installation. Both artists are alumni of our music and art residency programs respectively.

"Pianists have been tinkering with the guts of their instruments for nearly a century now, but it's altogether likely that no one has explored the art of prepared piano as diligently or creatively as hyperpianist Denman Maroney." - Time Out New York

Denman Maroney's music is influenced by nature and the music of John Cage, Ornette Coleman, Duke Ellington among many others. Maroney plays what he calls "hyperpiano," which involves bowing and sliding the piano's strings with copper bars, steel cylinders, singing bowls and other household objects to provide him a unique sonic vocabulary.

Guests have the opportunity to explore the gallery, grab a chair, or relax on a floor mat during the performance. The space in the gallery enables a less formal and more social, experiential and exploratory way to listen to this exciting live music. 

After the concert, join us for a reception featuring Joto Sake and light fare. 


Denman Maroney received his MFA at Cal. Institute of the Arts in '74, and his BA at Bennington College and Williams College in '71. He was a Music Omi fellow in 2002, has made over 30 commercial recordings and has received numerous grants from institutions including the National Endowment for the Arts, NYFA, and Chamber Music of America and many more.

Denman Maroney at Roulette, photographed by Peter Gannushkin

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