Oliver Kruse

Interfere by Oliver Kruse/Peter Behrens School of Architecture

Interfere by Oliver Kruse and Students & Staff of the Peter Behrens School of Architecture

On View: Spring 2011 - Present

Part of Wood: From Structure to Enclosure, a curated exhibition of wood pavilions and installations.
 Interfere is a project by Oliver Kruse in collaboration with students and staff at Peter Behrens School of Architecture (Düsseldorf University of Applied Art and Sciences). 

The pavilion inaugurated Architecture Omi's commitment to furthering pedagogical opportunities for critical and applied art/architectural practices. Photographs and a model function as an anchor in the gallery pointing outside towards the work—a walk-in sculpture of seemingly impossible interlocking forms made with laminated wood. We invite visitors to experience Interfere, which is mounted on a promontory overlooking Architecture Omi's twelve-acre wheat field (Field 01) and the other nine-acre former cornfield (Field 02).

Oliver Kruse (born in 1965, Nuremberg) began his art career as a cabinetmaker during a training in Cologne between 1986 and 88. In the same year he started with Fine Art Studies in Hombroich under the professor Erwin Hee­rich. Later he got his postgraduate Diploma in Art History in Royal Society of Arts, London and Masters Degree in Fine Art, Sculpture in Chelsea College of Art supervised by Richard Deacon. He lived and worked as an artist in London. In 1994 he founded his studio at the Rocket Station Hombroich. From 1996 he became a member of the board of Insel Hombroich Foundation. In 2004-05 he was the artistic director Hooy Kaye Institute in Brussels. From 2005 he has taught as a professor at Peter Behrens School of Architecture in Dusseldorf. In 2009 he became a member of the Program Board Committee of Architecture Omi, New York.

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