The Ukuladies

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The Ukuladies
Katie Down, Philippa Thompson, Heather Warfel and Mary Myers
Saturday, April 16 at 5:30PM
Located at the Benenson Visitors Center
Tickets are free for members, $10 for not-yet-members

Fraternal twins Genevieve and Jimmy Lu, with Aunt Mary Louise, and Cousin Bunnie will bring their ukulele-playing comedy act to Omi as The Ukuladies! These gals are a perpetually-touring, twin-sister, aunt, and one tap-dancing-cousin act from Regina, Canada with a lust for life and its idle curiosities. Join us after the show for light snacks and wine!



"The four endlessly charming Ukuladies played fiddle, spoons, flute, trombone kazoo, pennywhistle, cymbal, toy concertina, musical saw, doorbell, harmonica, toy flute, washboard, glockenspiel, banjo, ocarina, coconuts, toy piano, tap shoes and, of course, an impressive array of ukuleles in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

And those were just the musical instruments. But you see, the Ukuladies are not simply a musical act – they're a full-scale entertainment featuring singing, dancing, acting, comedy and equine fire-breathing. And their arsenal of props also included a frying pan, a ghost horse with devil horns, fake beards and mustaches, aprons, a log, soda cans, funny money, a toy six-shooter, globes on strings, random signage, a cardboard jukebox and many other assorted items too humorous to mention..." - Albany Times Union



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Click here to visit the Ukuladies' website.

The Ukuladies photographed by Matt Samolis.

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