Women in Public Art Symposium

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Women in Public Art Symposium

Friday, July 15 at 6:30 PM

Benenson Visitors Center
Free and open to the public

Anita Glesta, Kate Gilbert, Paula Hayes and Melissa McGill will gather for a conversation on the topic of women's unique voice in the creation of public art.

Each of these woman has created or administered the creation of ambitious public art works. In places ranging from public parks in Sydney, Australia, New York City and Boston, an island in the middle of the Hudson River to a federal building in Washington, DC. The four artists will each share a few of their completed public art projects as well as their experiences creating, caring for them after installed, and being the voice behind an artwork which becomes part of the public sphere.

Often in creating a public artwork the artist takes the focus away from their own voice and creates work which gives perspective on the human condition. The work stops being work about the artist who created it/the artist's own experience and about a larger view of humanity. What drives woman, and makes them uniquely capable of creating work of a highly ambitious scale for a purpose larger than their own self promotion. What is distinctive of a the female voice to express the condition, future, history, the dreams of the human race within an artistic practice.

Additionally we will look at the challenges women face when working in the public sphere and on large scale works. What does it take for a woman to lead a construction crew? The difficult balancing act of being of create something so much larger than oneself while balancing the needs of a family. How are these pieces funded and what is the relationship between artist and patron for works on this scale?

Melissa McGill, Constellation, 2015

Anita Glesta, CENSUS landscape internvention, 2010

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