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About Our Residency Programs

Omi International Arts Center has four distinct residency programs. Through a competitive jury process, residents are chosen, invited to attend at no cost to themselves, except travel. Abundant, catered meals and comfortable, beautiful lodgings are provided in a scenic location in Columbia County, New York. Omi is two hours north of New York City by train.

Art Omi International Artists Residency invites thirty artists from around the world every July for a  four week residency. 

Writers Omi at Ledig House sponsors forty writers and translators from around the world for up to two months each year. 

Music Omi brings together twelve to fifteen musician-composers from around the world in August for three weeks.

Dance Omi International Dance Collective brings together ten dancers from around the world for three weeks in late August.

To learn more about Omi's residency Programs or to apply to a residency please visit:

Art Omi International Artists Residency
Writers Omi International Writers Residency
Music Omi International Musicians Residency
Dance Omi International Dance Collective

Omi's residency programs are made possible in part by the National Endowment for the Arts

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Alumni Achievements

We are proud to present the accomplishments of our past alumni! If you are an alumni and would like your news featured here, please email us at

Jean Shin
Art Omi 2003, USA
Jean Shin has been commissioned to create work for the new Second Avenue Subway in NYC. For her installation, Elevated, Shin dived into the past – specifically the past that was supposed to bequeath New York the Second Avenue subway generations ago, and that led her to the idea of illustrating the demolition of the Second Avenue and Third Avenue elevated lines in the 1940s and 1950s. Click here for more details.

Bahar Behbahani
Art Omi 2013, Iran/USA
Bahar Behbahani will be exhibiting her first solo museum show, Let the Garden Eram Flourish, which will be on view January 5 - March 12, 2017 at the Hood Museum of Art in Hanover, New Hampshire. Click here for more details.

Gilbert Hsiao
Art Omi 2015, USA
Gilbert Hsiao will be showing work as part of group exhibition titled Interference, on view from December 2 - January 8, 2017 at NURTUREart Gallery in Brooklyn. This exhibition explores the physical phenomena of wave superposition - intereference patterns, in this group exhibition, are analyzed visually and poetically. Click here for more info.

Nancy Friedemann-Sánchez
Art Omi 2010, Colombia/USA
Works by Nancy Friedemann-Sánchez will be featured in from here to there, an exhibition opening Friday, December 9th at Darger HQ (Omaha, NE). This exhibition will be on view through February 5, 2017. The opening reception will be from 6 - 9 PM, with an artist talk at 6 PM. For more info, click here.

Cecily Brown
Art Omi 1998, UK/USA
Cecily Brown is currently exhibiting Rehearsal at The Drawing Center in NYC, and will be on view until December 18th, 2016. She has recently been covered by the Wall Street Journal and The New York Times for her work. For more info, click here.

Shona Wilson
Art Omi 2010, Australia

Shona Wilson's work is being exhibited as part of KURINGAI PH - an ART + SCIENCE PROJECT, a collaborative exhibition and residency project that explores connections between art and science after a twelve month immersion by the groups within a National Park in New South Wales. For more info, click here.

Ernest Dükü
Art Omi 2010, Ivory Coast/France

Ernest Dükü will be exhibiting works from December 6 - 18 at Gallery Sitor Sengthor in Paris. For more information on this show, click here.

Sarah Ladipo Manyika
Writers Omi 2016, Nigeria/UK/USA
Recent Writers Omi resident Sarah Ladipo Manyika has been selected to be on the shortlist for the Goldsmiths Prize for her novel, Like a Mule Bringing Ice Cream to the Sun. The Goldsmiths Prize was established in 2013 to celebrate the qualities of creative daring associated with the University and to reward fiction that breaks the mould or extends the possibilities of the novel form. The annual prize of £10,000 is awarded to a book that is deemed genuinely novel and which embodies the spirit of invention that characterizes the genre at its best. Click here to learn more about the Manyika's most recent novel.

Liang Hao
Art Omi 2016, China
Liang Hao will be showing their video, Enjoying or Confusing at Art Nova 100 on August 27, 2016. This video was made during the 2016 Art Omi residency and includes appearances from fellow residents, and can be seen here. In addition, Liang Hao will be exhibiting six oil painitngs at Tianjing Museum of IVY ART 2016 beginning September 1st. 

Janet Echelman
Art Omi 1999, USA
Janet Echelman's work, 1.8 Renwick has been acquired by the Smithsonian American Art Museum's permanent collection. The artwork premiered as part of the blockbuster exhibition WONDER at the Renwick Gallery, where it will now remain on view. Click here to learn more about this permanent installation.

Charles Goldman and Naomi Safran-Hon
Art Omi 2015 and 2016, USA and Israel/USA
Naomi Safran-Hon (work pictured) and Charles Goldman are currently exhibiting in a group exhibition among 23 other artists, titled Ways and Means, curated by Jason Andrew. The intention of this exhibtion is to take a look at how artists explore process and materials in their work, and will be on view through October 7, 2016 at 1285 Avenue of the Americas Art Gallery (between 51st + 52nd St). Click here to learn more about this exhibition.

Sara Eliassen
Art Omi 2014, Norway
Sara Eliassen is participating in group show titled Hmmm located at an artist run space 67, on 67 Ludlow Street in Brooklyn. The exhibition aims to unfold the first iteration of the artist in progress investigation mapping aesthetics, media technologies and ideological strategies of the early propaganda films and into contemporary screen culture.

Grimanesa Amorós
Art Omi 1992, Peru/USA
Two short films by Grimanesa AmorósLa Conexión Perfecta and Magical ISA will be on view at the Ursuline Convent in Tarascon, France through August 27, 2016.

Tuguldur Yondonjamts
Art Omi 2010, Mongolia
Tuguldur Yondonjamts is exhibiting in Open Sessions 7: Hibernating Plan, a group exhibition that considers drawing in relationship to the sense of suspended time inherent in planning. This exhibition is located at The Drawing Center and will be on view through September 2, 2016. Click here for more info.

Caroline Rothwell
Art Omi 2014, UK/Australia
Caroline Rothwell is showing work in a group exhibition titled Antipodes Cut Apart shown at The Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, University of Cambridge. Exhibition opens June 21, on view through September 25, 2016.

Margaret Evangeline
Art Omi 1999, USA
Margaret Evangeline has recently been profiled in an article by author Jacqueline Bishop for the Huffington Post. Click here to read the piece an learn more about the artist.

Cui Fei

Art Omi 2011, China

Cui Fei's exhibition, The Journey of Transformation, will be on view at the West 10th Window exhibition space with Time Equities Inc. Art-in-Buildings program. Read an in-depth interview with the artist here, and learn more about her work here.

Malik Sajad

Art Omi 2013, Kashmir

Malik Sajad's graphic novel, Munnu: A Boy From Kashmir is one of the final shortlist of titles for Verve Magazine's book award Verve Storyteller. Click here to learn more and purchase Sajad's graphic novel.

Nicole Awai

Art Omi 2004, USA/Trinidad

Nicole Awai has been appointed to the Department of Art and Art History at the University of Texas at Austin. Awai joins the department as an Assistant Professor in Painting and Drawing. Awai has also been listed as one of "10 Caribbean Artists You Should Know" for her multimedia work. Click here to read more.

LaToya Ruby Frazier

Art Omi 2009, USA

LaToya Ruby Frazier has been awarded the prestigious MacArthur Genius Grant. Frazier's photography and video work is set in Braddock, Pa., the small town outside Pittsburgh where she grew up. Built on steel, today Braddock is struggling to get by. To listen to an interview with NPR, click here. For more information on the MacArthur Genius Grant, click here.

Zia Haider Rahman

Writers Omi 2010, India/UK

Zia Haider Rahman's critically acclaimed debut, In the Light of What We Know, recently received the James Tait Black fiction prize. Two prizes are awarded annually by the University of Edinburgh. For more information on this award, click here.

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