Art Omi Directory

Ruth Adams (she / her), Co-Executive Director
Gavin Berger (he / him), Co-Executive Director
Sophie Henderson (she / her), Interim Deputy Director
Caroline Nelson (she / her), Executive Assistant

Sculpture & Architecture Park
Julia van den Hout (she / her), Architecture Curator/Program Director
Nicole Hayes (she / her), Curator and Project Manager
Kelsey Sloane (she / her), Curatorial Assistant
Pam Poquette (she / her), Visitor Services and Administrative Manager
Alex Cimmino (she / her), Visitor Services Associate
Jordan Rosenow (she / her, they / their), Preparator

Art Omi: Education
Sasha Sicurella (she / her), Director, Art Omi: Education
Christine Flood (she / her), Assistant Director, Art Omi: Education

Residency Programs
Julia van den Hout (she / her), Architecture Curator/Program Director
Claudia Cannizzaro (she / her), Director, Art Omi: Artists
Christopher K. Morgan (he / him), Director, Art Omi: Dance
Jeffrey Lependorf (he / him), Director, Art Omi: Music
DW Gibson (he / him), Director, Art Omi: Writers
Carol Frederick (she / her), Deputy Director, Art Omi: Writers
Ross Willows, Technical Consultant / Archivist

Jeremy Adams (he / him), Development Director
Katya Harris (she / her), Development Manager
Dorothy Randall (she / her), NYC Benefit Coordinator

Jessica Puglisi (she / her), Communications Director
Nancy Welsh (she / her), Communications Coordinator

Keith Moore (he / him), Facilities Director

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