Residency FAQs

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Frequently Asked Questions

What residency programs do you offer and when can I apply? Is there a fee?
Currently there is no fee to apply to or attend any of the residency programs at Art Omi. The open call for applications occurs at the same time each year per program, and each program has specific application requirements.

  • Art Omi: Architecture is the first residency program of its kind in the nation, inviting 10 early- to mid-career architects from around the world to develop their work during a two week residency on Art Omi's campus in June. Art Omi: Architecture aims to nurture experimentation at the intersection of architecture, art and landscape.
    Extended Open Call Period: August 15 - November 15
    Application Requirements: Bio, CV, project proposal, portfolio (up to 10 PDF pages), architect’s statement. Residency applicants will be notified of their acceptance status in November.

  • Art Omi: Artists invites artists from around the world, representing a wide diversity of artistic styles and practices, to gather for four weeks each summer to experiment, collaborate and share ideas. Concentrated time for creative work is balanced with the stimulation of cultural exchange and critical appraisal.
    Open Call Period: August 15 - October 15
    Application Requirements: Bio, CV, brief artist statement, and 8 images or 3 video excerpts. Alumni of the program are not eligible for a second residency. Residency applicants will be notified of their acceptance status the following February.

  • Art Omi: Dance brings together ten accomplished dance artists from around the world for three weeks of creative exchange in late July. Residents experience each other’s creative process and the freedom to play in this collaborative residency program.
    Open Call Period: November 1 - January 2
    Application Requirements: Bio, headshot, brief statement, professional letter of recommendation, examples of recent choreographic works and presentations, examples of companies or projects worked in as a performer, training history, two-three video samples of work as a performer, improviser, and/or choreographer. Residency applicants will be notified of their acceptance status the following March.

  • Art Omi: Music invites approximately twelve musicians and composers from around the globe to come together for two and a half weeks in August for a uniquely collaborative music making residency.
    Open Call Period: November 1 - January 2
    Application Requirements: Work sample (audio) with description (text), brief application statement & bio. Residency applicants will be notified of their acceptance status the following April.

  • Art Omi: Writers, formerly known as Ledig House, hosts authors and translators for two weeks to one month throughout the spring and fall. The program’s strong international emphasis provides exposure for global literary voices and reflects the spirit of cultural exchange that is essential to Art Omi’s mission.
    Open Call Period: August 15 - October 15
    Application Requirements: CV/work history, work statement, writing sample, letter of reference. Alumni of the program are eligible to reapply. Residency applicants will be notified of their acceptance status the following January.

Do I need a Covid vaccination to attend?
Yes, if offered a residency, you will need to supply proof of Covid vaccination before arriving at the Art Omi campus.

Can you help me with the visa process?
We can help answer questions if you need to obtain a visa. It is highly recommended that you begin this process as soon as you can, as there are often delays. If you need a letter of participation for your visa application, please e-mail the Residency Manager.

What kind of experience can I expect?
In general, all of Art Omi's residency programs have a communal orientation. Sharing ideas, creative space, and meals comprises a major part of the Art Omi residency experience. Residents should expect to reside on campus throughout the duration of their residency, and to attend nightly dinners with the rest of their cohort. Some relevant, offsite field trips may be organized by staff; participation is encouraged. Each residency has at least one public event, which invites the public to observe the creative process at work, and work produced while in residency here. Click here to read about past events.

How can I plan my arrival to Art Omi? Can I bring my car?
For most international residents: fly to New York City (JFK or LaGuardia Airports). From here, you may take a shuttle or taxi service to Pennsylvania Station in Manhattan. From there, take an Amtrak train to Hudson, New York. We will pick you up at the train station in Hudson, New York.

Residents are welcome to park a car at Art Omi throughout the duration of their residency. Driving directions can be found here.

Each residency director will inform residents of specific arrival and departure dates well in advance of the residency period. Please note that Art Omi is located in a rural location, without access to public transportation.

What does Art Omi provide?
Art Omi provides accommodations, meals, and campus-wide high-speed wi-fi throughout the duration of all residencies. In addition, residents share a fully-equipped kitchen, on-site laundry facilities, a library, and a basic computer (internet + printing access only, no software use) in the library. Art Omi also provides all blankets, towels, and bedding. Housekeeping staff launders all linens using perfume-free detergent on a regular basis.

Art Omi does not provide personal laptops or electronic devices, or art materials.

What are the studios like? What equipment do you have available?

  • Art Omi: Architecture: Each resident is provided their own desk space at the Studio Barns to use for the duration of the residency. A printer/scanner with 11x17” printing capability will be available, and prints both B&W and color. We offer a large shared table with cutting mats, various knives, and other small tools. Art Omi provides a modest $50 materials allowance.

  • Art Omi: Artists: Each resident (or team) is given their own studio at the Studio Barns with two clip lights, a power strip, a fan, large table, and two chairs. Art Omi has several printers, speakers, small monitors, and a limited number of tools: a chopsaw, table saw, grinders, sanders, a drill press, compressor, a generator and hand tools. We do not provide nails, screws, paint, or other consumable items. Art Omi has a small kiln for those working in ceramics. Residents are expected to return their studio in the same condition in which it was received. With the exception of some special sponsorships, Art Omi does not provide stipends for materials.

  • Art Omi: Dance: Two dance studios with Marley Dance floors are located on the second floor of our Studio Barns. There are also many unconventional spaces available for site-specific dance throughout the grounds of Art Omi, and residents will be encouraged to use the entire property during residency. There will be shared portable bluetooth/CD players available for residents to use, as well as a sound system on the second floor of our Studio Barns.

  • Art Omi: Music: The Studio Barns are set up with sound systems on the first and second floor. Art Omi does not provide instruments for sole individual use, however we do have some keyboards, pianos, and percussion instruments available to share.

  • Art Omi: Writers: Each resident is provided an additional bedroom to use as working space.

What should I bring?
Personal items: Any medication, toiletries, weather-appropriate clothing, and supplies/materials needed during the residency. There are scheduled shopping trips to specialized stores that residents may join as needed. We have a phone for residents to make local calls; Skype and other VOIP are recommended for international calls, otherwise residents must purchase a SIM card for their cell phone.

Residents must bring or arrange to purchase while in residence all supplies required during their stay. It is recommended that residents bring a laptop if regular computer use is desired; however there is a shared computer and printer available on campus for occasional use located in the library.

International Travelers: Art Omi does not provide international power adapters for electronic devices - please bring one if you are traveling from another country and plan to use your personal electronic devices. Residents traveling from another country should convert currency to US dollars before arriving at Art Omi, as it is very difficult to do so in the immediate area.

Are the studios and living space accessible for persons with disabilities?
Yes. Art Omi has several bedrooms, bathrooms, and studio spaces that are accessible. We aim to create accessibility for all, and welcome contact with applicants as early in the process as possible to ensure we are prepared to meet the needs of any prospective residents. Contact the Residency Manager with any questions.

Can I send mail to/from Art Omi?
Regular mail is delivered to Art Omi daily, except Sundays. Purchase of stamps and mailing of packages can be taken care of at the Ghent Post Office. Regular service to Art Omi by Federal Express, Airborne Express, UPS, etc., is available, including overnight service. If you intend to receive mail or packages, your mailing address while at the Art Omi is:

Your Name
c/o Art Omi
43 Letter S Road
Ghent, New York 12075

What's the weather like?
In the fall and winter it does get very cold (20° - 40° F / 1° - 6° C) , and snow is common. Residency dates from November - March will require warm and durable clothing (winter jacket & boots). In the spring from April - June, residents should prepare for mild, wet weather (55° -77° F / 13° - 27° C). June - August are often hot (65° - 85° F / 25° - 20° C) , so light clothing is recommended. September and October can be both hot or cool, and so having both light and heavier layers is key!

May I smoke?
There is no smoking or vaping allowed inside any of the buildings at Art Omi. Residents are welcome to smoke outdoors. Please respect the property by using ashtrays to dispose of cigarette butts.

Can my spouse/family come with me to the residency? Can I invite guests to stay with me during the residency?
Residents are not permitted overnight visitors at Art Omi, including spouses and other family members. Personal visitors are welcome on a limited basis according to the guidelines of the particular program. We are happy to suggest hotels for your guests.

Can I bring my pet with me?
No, we love pets but please leave them at home. If you have a condition that requires the aid of a service animal, please contact the Residency Manager.

Do I need to buy my own food?
No. Art Omi provides all meals. Residents do not need to buy your own food unless there is something unusual required. Once selected, a resident is provided the the opportunity to inform Art Omi staff of dietary restrictions so that proper arrangements are made. All dinners are prepared by a talented local chef, and consumed as a group. Depending on the structure specific to the program, breakfast and lunch is either catered, or prepared independently from a stocked, fully-equipped shared kitchen.

How do I get around campus?
Art Omi has bicycles that residents can use from March - November. It's easy to get everywhere on campus on foot—most things are about a 10 minute walk at most.

What is there to do in the surrounding areas?
Art Omi is located between Chatham, NY and Hudson, NY. Taxi service is available to and from Art Omi with varied fares. Both of these towns have several bars and breweries, restaurants, coffee shops, libraries, movie theaters, and shopping. In addition, Columbia County is a wealth of natural beauty; there are several land conservation areas with hiking and nature trails, accessible year-round.

What is your drug and alcohol policy?
It is the policy of the Art Omi, and the law, to be a drug-free environment. We also ask that residents consume alcohol responsibly.

Statement of non-discrimination:
Art Omi is committed to a policy of nondiscrimination and equal opportunity for all persons regardless of race, sex, color, religion, creed, national origin or ancestry, age, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, physical ability or disability. Art Omi will not tolerate any behavior that has the purpose or effect of unreasonably interfering with an individual’s work performance or creating an intimidating, hostile, or offensive environment. Our aim is to create a vibrant and safe creative sanctuary, and strive to provide an environment that accommodates artists from a multiplicity of backgrounds and circumstances.

How do I refer to Art Omi on my CV, resume, website, etc.?
The correct name of the organization is Art Omi. (Not ART OMI, ARTOMI, Art OMI, etc.) The residency program names are: Art Omi: Architecture; Art Omi: Artists; Art Omi: Dance; Art Omi: Music; Art Omi: Writers. Use these names and formats wherever you describe your residency at Art Omi.

If you have questions not addressed above, please contact the Residency Manager.

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